Treating people with proper care makes your relationship last longer. The relationship with your carpet is no exception. The more you care, the longer your carpet lasts.

But one thing that stands out in every healthy relationship: effort. Therefore, CarpetBird, the best carpet cleaning in Woking, is here to help you with some tips to keep your carpet healthy. Once you start practicing these habits regularly, the carpets will stay last for generations. So, let’s begin now.

Bid ‘Goodbye’ to Stains

Some carpets claim to be stain resistant. Yet, act upon the stains. Use soapy water in the initial stage. Never use a scrub or brush with rough bristles to clean your carpets. Delicate things like carpets must be handled with care. Follow our next blogs for some unique ideas to remove stains from the carpet without using chemicals.

Do Not Keep Furniture with Sharp Ends near Carpet Areas

A common mistake of every carpet user leads to significant harm. Often furniture with not-so-smooth legs pierces through the fabric of the carpet. So, refrain from keeping the sofa and table on the carpets. Those who have delicate carpets need to be more careful. Furniture with flat bottoms is best for this kind of carpet.

Change Living Room’s Set-up

Carpets have piles like pillows, and they crush under pressure. Expert Carpet Cleaning in Woking, like CarpetBird, always suggests you keep your furniture from damaging the carpet. To do that, changing the set-up of your living room will help. Plan how you will keep your carpets safe and move the place furniture in a way that does not look odd.

Sunlight is Damaging

The sun is Damaging to your carpets’ colour. Sunlight fades your carpets’ brightness. Without brightness and colour, a carpet loses its soul. So, keep it away from prolonged exposure to sunlight.

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Make A Habit of Vacuuming

Carpets need vacuuming once a week. Dedicate one day a week to vacuuming all your carpets, mats, and rugs. Start vacuuming from the center and proceed towards the fringes carefully for area rugs. Keep the suction low; you do not want the hem in the vacuum cleaner. For better results with your carpet, CarpetBird, the best carpet cleaning in Woking, suggests you turn the rug around and vacuum it on the other side.

Beat the Carpets

Suppose your vacuum cleaner is out of order. Will you skip vacuuming your carpet for some weeks? The answer is a big NO! There is always a way when there is will. You can consider an old-fashioned method of carpet cleaning.

You can quickly help your carpet get rid of the layers of dirt settled on it. On the other hand, spending some time in the sun also sucks the moisture out of it. No dampness is preferred for carpets since damp carpets are the breeding ground for all kinds of microbes and bugs.

Keep Heavy Boots Away from Your Carpet

Your carpet hates two things; furniture with damaging bases and heavy boots. So, let your carpet breathe by keeping both away from it. You can make it a policy in your household for people to remove their footwear before stepping onto the carpet. Besides stilettos and boots, make a practice of keeping slippers and light shoes away from your carpets.

The leading carpet cleaning in Woking, CarpetBird advises you not to allow outside shoes on your carpet. A high-level transfer of grime, allergens, and bacteria happens when you walk on a carpet with your shoes on. Even though people wipe their shoes on the doormat, you can never be sure they are free of germs and bacteria.

Call Professional Carpet Cleaners in Woking Often

You may come across thousands of blogs saying, “DIY methods are successful when it comes to cleaning carpets.” But have you ever trusted your life with any inexpert doctor? Then, why would you leave your carpet to DIY methods?

Calling expert carpet cleaning services in Woking, like CarpetBird, is always a wise choice. Our 360° carpet care solution covers pre-inspection, commercial pre-vacuum, furniture moving, pre-spray, pre-spot, pre-grooming, soil-extraction, rinse, post-groom pre-inspection, and some more steps.

We provide our customers with frequent discounts. Stay tuned to our website and never miss a single offer exclusively designed for our customer family!

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